Friday, March 1, 2013

Cynthia Rowley opens an Upper East Side shop

 And I had Obsessive Photo Disorder, as did the other 6,923 gawkers weirdly snapping photos through a French door. In the fashion biz, that's called Magical Realism. Or BS.  Luckily, I've been to Trader Joe's on a Saturday so you'll notice how adroitly I got to the front of this bunch of pantywaists.
 Look at the hair on the back of this guy's hand!  I'm kidding. Look for the dude with the tray of free champagne!
 They put some black-lite lipstick on this model and told her the Russian chick with the fake boobs got the Marc Jacobs contract.
 The creative director for Cynthia Rowley solved the French door problem by having the models mingle.  As much as I'm absolutely knocked back by this stunning woman's stare like a butterfly on a board, I'm also crazy for the girl scrunching by on the left in her technicolor leggings.  Interactive fashion at its best.
It's like you fell on your knees in a dream. Also what the holy f*** is going on in the background? Are someone's glasses being abused?

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Style, She Wrote said...

Great blog! I really like your photography/ writing style. And those studded suede pants are pretty amazing, too. xo style, she wrote