Sunday, March 3, 2013

oh, there were clothes too

 I was a little verklempt and awestruck by the whole haute-mosphere: Now let's go back and look at sternums clothes.  Loving the modern insert tab A into notch B blouse above and the fairy dust memory of a fall pants, but do not understand the gangsta chain. Were we talking about zoot suits? No, we were not.
 Again with the tiny bubbles or fairy dust or skin disease. I'm beginning to feel like I'm tripping traveling through a Magic Forest, noticing exquisite detail like xylem and phloem and iridescence of the kind normally associated with college.
 The tie-dyed and quilted coats and jewel colors -- I smell patchouli.
Shiny. I reach out to touch the amazing basketweave quilted leather but found the guy with the tray of champagne instead.  Pretty soon I had an out of store experience. 

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