Friday, March 29, 2013

There's something to be said for looking awesome when you leave the house

 I ran into this woman at My Sister's Closet on Grand and was blown away, blown away I tell you, by the level of togetherness, from the pinnacle of her hair that has style and texture and sass and absolutely no marinara sauce to the artsy tangle of neck x southwest to the super hostile business going on below, below (no really, scroll downward).  Shut my mouth, she's wearing a belt!  I thought those loops were decorative. I struggled to identify what exactly made her look so cool, as if she had white wine glasses and red wine glasses at home, and neither had a Smuckers label still on them.  Was it the layering of sweater and jean jacket without cutting off circulation to the upper arms?  Was it the Private Benjamin pants (must have one foot in the grave to understand this allusion)?  Was it the fact that she was wearing pants?  AHA!  Now we're getting somewhere.  It's the little things, I deduced. Like bathing.  Like checking to make sure the chocolate stain won't show.  Like taking off your X-dorky bike helmet before you put your napkin on your lap, or leaving it on given certain hair circumstances.  So you're welcome for that.
There is one more small consideration, and that is that she and her mom own Sisters Ugly boutique in Northfield.  And the badass boots are Sam Edelman.

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