Saturday, February 2, 2013

on the coldest, darkest, bleakest day of winter

 Hurray! A conceptual photographer to the rescue!!  I like her eyeliner. I like her rings. I like the fact that she was willing to risk certain loss of extremities just to rock this Trader-Joe's-shopping-cart-red leather jacket with zip-off peplum.  I don't even understand the zip-off peplum but that's ok!  In fact, it's part of the attraction -- the mind-blowing options! The mystery!  The rod-and-cone party, 110% red quilted leather! At the last possible moment, Karrah,,  saved me from grim descent into headless photos of myself and clothes laid down flat and lifeless which were often hard to distinguish, with dramatic lips!  You know how vulnerable I am to dramatic lips.  Over-stimulated, reckless use of exclamation points ensued and now I have to sit quietly for a while. 

Ok, I'm cured. Thank you Jesus.  And thank you Karrah.  I said she looked very California and she said she's been traveling in California.  Note, traveling.  When you go to California, you come back looking like Roy Orbison. When you travel in California, you come back looking like this. See the difference?

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