Monday, February 11, 2013

a show goer

Moments after a two-leg flight, a 75-minute subway trip and five blocks of dragging my suitcase through the poo of winter storm Nemo, I stumbled (all too literally) on this nice unarmed person. Given her camera-loving face atop beanpole frame (see? she's taller than the fountain at Lincoln Center), I thought she might be working a show, but no, she was on her way to Tibi. I felt so special saying I had somewhere to go because it is a crime in NYC not to be busy and important that was a designer's name.  And even more special that I can spell and pronounce it -- Monique Lhuillier.  Moan-eek Loo-ee-ay.  Tray speshul.  Even though we were steps from our destination, I took this photo and immediately went into the wrong building where a tired security guard told me to take a left and go til I got smarter.

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