Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Ten Minutes

 Here's something I learned from other street style bloggers:  Don't chew through your photos in chronological order as if through a package of Hydrox sandwich cremes.  Mix it up -- offer a bite of Cheetos, then a hit of chocolate flavored hydrogenated fat. Post a photo from August in Milan right after the one you took last week in Brainerd.  It makes it seem as if you're constantly jetting across datelines, flitting from one exotic ecosystem to another instead of sitting at your dining room table with a bag of toxic orange-colored fried dough.  When I was writing a story on the Crashed Ice soiree, I met a freelancer who was "based in St. Cloud." As if she only returned briefly to her St. Cloud pied a terre between Mustique and surfing in Fiji to water her plants.  I told her I wasn't based anywhere; that I had not left my bunker in St. Paul two miles from where we were standing in seven years.  I am such an asshole

Yes, but I'm cosmopolitan too -- West Village one day, Rapson Hall the next.  The somewhat less salubrious truths are that one of these women is a two-time victim of my blogging activities, I was outside the Apparel Design Senior Fashion Show at the U of M because I didn't want to pony up for a ticket and managed to photograph a junior in the program and no legitimate seniors, and I was there for ten minutes because I'm based in St. Paul I was parked illegally.

Above and below on the right is junior in the Apparel Design program Kora Gleason, koragleason.com.  That's her sister on the left, modeling a comprehensibly zippered jacket that was inspired by Hell's Angels + Oliver Twist.  I think.  I probably should have asked her.  Kora is pretty damn sharp which is why they let her, as a junior, show one item in this seniors-only event.  She accessorized the jacket with bangs, her very tall sister and a dress, which is brilliant.  I was going to title this post More Bang for My Blog (see, because of their bangs) but that would've been dumb.

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