Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two shades of grey. And some black.

I'll be categorizing the colors in this post, tonally and then by matte or glossy.  Color me effin funny.  This is Dee who I specifically instructed to stand in profile as I'd first spotted her because her Zara coat had a nice minimalist teardrop shape.  Which did not come through in the re-enactment.  She was so awful nice even though I got all Richard Avedon on her, and she invited me to New York Korean Fashion Festival. Unfortunately, the Festival happened on the day I left NY but it sounded fun -- Fashion Week sounds like Finals Week, something to be endured, whereas Fashion Festival sounds like floating lanterns and kimchi and confetti and the color red! 

Back to her Zara coat -- I was digging that she'd found a way to rock a short-sleeved coat, imagining she'd layered her own awesome quilted leather jacket underneath. Not even!  Those tuff forearms are part of the coat, literally an arm dickey.  Remember dickeys?  Me neither.  I always wanted a dickey but was misunderstood, with predick-ha-table result.  Let's devote a moment right now to dickeys, be they fake turtlenecks, shirt collars, sleeves, socks or people.... Ok that's enough.

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