Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monique Lhuillier: Every day's an occasion

 Full disclosure: I did attend the Monique Lhuillier show (thanks Donna Bohn, manager of the Edina salon!) but in the interest of showing the clothes rather than the bald spot of the guy in front of me, I nicked these photos of my favorites from, where you can see all 40 looks.  But you can only get my insightful blather right here, so buckle up and away we go to ML's Pounds of Gowns.

For the benighted, Ms. L started out in bridal (which is still the bread of her bread and butter), then expanded the occasion potential to red carpet events and state dinners at the White House because, think about it, the average woman buys, what, probably four wedding gowns? Hello, business model.  Now, are you a Jil Sander (who is so minimalist, two Ls were redundant) customer?  Well then, look away because we're going all rocococococo with a lace overlay. And some fringe. And some Swarovski crystals.  Example A+ above and my fave:  You are gonna be the shit when you strut down the produce aisle at Lunds in this marvel of Art Deco intricacy.  Are you bothered by the crotch-centric hub of black hair lace?  Me neither.  As Diana Vreeland used to say before she died, The eye has to travel -- mission accomplished.

Inspired by malachite and rubies, above and below are ML's concession to the practicalities of life -- pants for those chilly days at the dog park, and a shorter, bike-friendly silhouette with larynx protector and sternum ventilation. Seriously, would you not feel so much better about cleaning out the furnace filter if you were wearing something magical like this?
ML does not go part way -- she also designed all the shoes in the show, and I guess I'm more than a little in love with the ones above.  Though one could gather that Her Lhuillier-ness is anti-pant, given the leg-swathing she did show was closer to lingerie than trouser,  she has a history of coming out for the finale wave n' walk in full-on pantalones (below).  Anyhoo, the takeaway is, whether you're tripping up the red carpet or you just want to put some vavoom back in vacuuming,  Monique Lhuillier's going to do you right.

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