Sunday, February 17, 2013

the real show begins

They brought up the lights after the Lhuillier smackdown and the crowd of about 4,763 made for the exit like they were giving away free cheese.  Much as I enjoy clothes as they were meant to be -- lumpy ass-free and set to mesmerizing beats -- this signals the start of the real show for me, free range and salt stained.  Luckily, even without pushing,  I was able to keep on eye on my first victim, above,  because she was literally above,  easily 6' of blackness in flat shoes.  She denied being a model but, my friends, let's look at the evidence:  Spotted at a fashion show (!),  commitment to severe monochrome,  elements of leather including racing gloves,  hair,  Clint Eastwood poncho.  Pretty damning.  Damn pretty also.

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