Saturday, February 23, 2013

here's why I do this

Of course the main reason is to be an impediment, to get up in people's business, so, mission accomplished! 

Let's say you're on Bleeker Street coming from Ina and the gray cells, all six of them, are completely engaged with pretty clothes and not falling on the ice.  And you see this woman either busting into a maximum security prison (note razor wire) or trying to park her car which, in NYC, may be one and the same experience.  And the gray cells drop what they were doing (you immediately slip on the ice) and move forward as if drawn by attractor beam (the kind that lights up when you're attracted to something), because here is something so much better and more exciting than the 4,379 highly styled, fully staged images you've been deluged with in the last few days.  Right here,  right now.  This is not a photo op, it's a moment in a busy day -- what? yeah, ok fine -- and then it's gone. I see, I like, I show you.  (Ceasar was misquoted, thus the spread of sandals).  This is to document beyond a shadow of a doubt that effortless cool does happen.  Her coated jeans are by Denham which is a Dutch company.  She got them in Amsterdam.  But even if you went to London or Tokyo, where Denham threads are also available, and picked up some coated jeans and a pimped out army parka and a burgundy hide bag, it would be impossible to reproduce this moment in fashion history.  Which is why I'm glad I did my little street style thing.

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