Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dude cannot go to the bathroom in Tokyo, he's so hot

He comes to NYC to use the restroom for school and again with the paparazzi. What's a logo-ed out Bob Dylan look-alike to do?  It was the comrade fur hat and Wayfarers that made me turn around in the queue to the only public restroom in the East Village and be like,  Bob? Is that you? So weird because I'm pretending like I'm not from Minnesota either!  What was really strange was that neither Chanelman nor his girlfriend had ever heard of Bob Dylan which caused me to shout out in cultural indignation and sort of put some nice kids from Tokyo on the spot in Starbucks -- Bob Dylan?!!!!!!  Blowin in the wind Bob Dylan?!?!?!  Nope, nuthin.  They outed with their smartphones at my insistence and, ok, what I remembered as a fur hat was actually Bob's hair, but if you mash up the rare photo of the famous troubadour with frosty highlights + the one in Wayfarers and polka dot shirt, I think you will see that I was hopelessly off base and scrambling the resemblance.
I think I've made my point.  Which is that rising sun vests and bro bags are going to cause a stir no matter where you try to empty your bladder. 
This is not the second time in a row I've imagined I've seen someone famous in NYC.  It's easily the 47th time.

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