Thursday, August 18, 2011

two women looking cute in a recession

Ok i know i cut off the woman on the right's elbow. big effin' deal. don't start with me because i'm in a recession. so are you. sheesh. we're recessed. like testicles in some rare cases. but here's what i've noticed over the last 2,732 or so posts -- people, and i'm like jerking my head and turning my eyeballs  real discreetly at the two above, still look decent. when i ask where they got their clothes (times have not changed, this is still rude), target, for-fucking 21, gap, payless is more often than not the answer. even the fine feathered folk at glamorama were wearing the rough thread. they just bought it smaller and tighter so it looked more glamorous.
i think i had visions of a big socio-economic message here but i got distracted by something bright and shiny. or red. how do people write books?

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