Monday, August 1, 2011

Kickapoo Country Fair

Look, it's a Squeezette! You heard me right, it's Linda, practitioner of Power Polka (also rock and pop) and accordion ace with Milwaukee's Premier All-Female Accordion Group (a couple guys on drums and tuba but that doesn't count), The Squeezettes. right here, right now, we are going to give this woman The Purple Pancreas, this blog's highest honor, not just because she's standing in a field in LaFarge, WI in sweltering heat in a vintage formal that she punched up with a classic toga-inspired waist-drape, gold belt, neck flair and blinged out cat-eye glasses, although that in itself would make her a strong candidate for the award. no. she distances herself from others in the Vintage Formal in Ironic Setting category by, moments after this photo was taken, springing up on stage with her bandmates and tearing the place up, pushing, pulling, falling down and jumping up, for a full hour bringing an unmitigated note of glamor to an otherwise hopelessly organic affair. Linda has lighted the way and we are in her debt.
P.S. Don't ya love it when you get an award and your name is misspelled?  Like above, Linda should be spelled Pamela (although fellow Squeezette Linda was equally committed to a rocking good time).  This is Squeezette Pamela. And most everything else in this post is accurate, and i am popular. as far as i know.

i love this hat. it speaks to me of Capri or Ibiza before bianca jagger, or somewhere very removed from the kickapoo organic cotton dyed with beets worn with a great deal of freedom (from undergarments, razors, shampoo, eyeliner, plastic, etc) environment in which it has found itself. this hat could not be more surprised. this woman is undoubtedly sensitive to the hat's needs and will take it out to a white linen lunch with a black linen Krizia shift overlooking the mediterranean. probably.

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