Sunday, August 28, 2011

one word -- accessories

(those who were up late last night, sunday that is, reading my blog, well bless you. i heart you very much for visiting my odd world, but you have to now reread. i did and it was like an ink blot test that spelled out Stroke Victim. this is my tiny dictatorship, i get to make up the rules, i get do-overs because i'm very old special. this post and the one below have the same great photos, now with text that makes sense!)
She took this simple dress to a place it's never been before with accessories. of course the gladiator sanadals gave the look a roundhouse kick to the pontius pilot -- it is well-known that gladiators invented open toed sandals to show off their pedis. fun factoid for you. i appreciate that she went to the bother to put on that sleek bracelet. not hard, right? then why do i never do it? but what really turns it for me is the Lyndon Johnson/Thurston Howell III/i'm going to the office honey glasses.  she's small and feminine and the specs are big and businesslike...mmmmmmm, contrast. is it meaningful at all that she's standing in front of about 102 vats of delicious alcohol? no.

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