Sunday, August 7, 2011

my second favoritest Glammers

If Miss Artrageous, above post, cannot perform her duties or like makes a sex tape or wears something from Talbot's, these two can easily take over for her. I was suffering from implant overload and faux Leger-itis by the time they showed up, kicking A and taking names -- i could have knelt down and kissed her All Saints (maybe?) boots. Look -- witty, elegant, fluent, high/low, take-no-prisoners cool. Loose and flowing with army boots! I get it! Stripes with crochet and gala neck party! I want it! Their bits are covered and they still look hot! Amazing! My rods and cones were so busy jumping up and down and fluttering their little hands like when you have to go real bad, i mostly forgot the retail details-- Free People flowing dress, locally made jewelry including the mega-turquoise, Rag & Bone crocheted sweater, waxed pants by ____(brain fart, blanking)___.  Thank you, thank you.

Ok i am so sorry. i pushed the little crayon-carrying cats in my camera too too far, and i had reached clinical stage, wantonly hatcheting heads and feet in the same photo. True, this guy was tall so he had it coming. I should have quit and gone home, but her satiny full-sleeved art nouveau cool drink -- what would you do? Again please note-- debbie did not do dallas in this dress. It's sophisticated and gorgeous. not part of my white trash realm but i've read about it in books and was delighted to see someone actually playing it off.

If you're going to be Artrageous (damn, maybe i forgot to say, that's the theme of this year's Glamorama) you'd better hurry out and get some big stripes into your life and some jewelry that makes you question your core values, clamp a hat on top and throw back a red-blooded cocktail.

If you want to see the top of her head just look in virtually any Twin Cities media outlet -- Twin Cities Lures N Bait was amongst the clamoring paparazzi shooting this woman, so don't start with me. I documented the relevant data: the shortettes/Indian-inspired, mirrored and embroidered underpants of the raj (Kate Moss for Topshop) were correctly worn with a totally off-hand chambray shirt that she just threw on, and gams. i am taxing my imagination right now, thinking how many units of this particular product Topshop sold. You know very well, the other two cheek warmers are being enjoyed by a drag queen in Winston-Salem, NC and a poodle in Texarkana. Well meeeeow i'm just being catty -- obviously this woman wore them best. Her friend is also doing every little thing right in Missoni and, is that the red sole of Louboutin i see?  is that the green flash of resentment i feel? if you're looking for a place to park your impotent hostility at the unfairness of it all, i can't imagine a better starting point than here.


Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to see someone catty and mean-spirited on the Internet - I was worried people were becoming too kind hearted - but clearly, you've really put them to shame. Especially since you have no contact information up - how brave and upstanding. Continue to hide behind the camera - where a face as gorgeous as yours truly belongs.

Sarah said...

As to contact info, you found me here and my email is on the card i gave you. I'm sorry you misinterpreted my blog -- i never ever take photos with the intent of mocking, humiliating or being mean-spirited. i only take photos of people who i think look fantastic. and clearly you fit that bill (i assume you, anon, are one of the two women whose heads i cut off). i admit my sense of humor can go wrong, and i'm sorry if you felt insulted. since you were thronged with photographers, you've got to know you looked absolutely killer (both dress and shorts).

Sarah said...

Now that i've stewed about it a bit, i'm so much more hurt by the fact that my writing misfired and injured you by accident than by your comment on my appearance. (you'd be surprised how thick homely people's skin becomes)