Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ahoy pardner

Like a dog with a bowl, i'm over the nuts for stripes! and mixed metaphors! sailors on the prairie and cowboys below decks! i can use as many exclamation points as i want! holy chicken! up is down, down is yesterday! it's chaos! i've come to trader joe's without a list! i might end up with a lot of apple smoked bacon! or smokin' bacon apples!
eeeeeeeasy big fella. i'll be ok. like this woman, i cannot resist stripes and cowboy boots, and i've worn stripes recklessly without incident. the same cannot be said of cowboy boots. i'm kind of having a flashback right now of me striding tall across the urban range in the late fall with my hard, apparently waxed and polished leather-soled cowboy boots and encountering a single flake of snow... too soon. still a little fragile.

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