Monday, August 29, 2011

al frank 'n emma

Psyche! We told them we were going to hit the shops, maybe get some ice cream, but there would be absolutely no hiking. none whatsoever. here we are, a mile down in the grand canyon of minnehaha falls, and aren't they being good sports? Emma's hiking attire includes some jackie o sunglasses with extra o, a michael kors bag packed with survival gear like her used up boarding pass, a real bright blue dress to go with the sky and some dressy thong sandals that are perfectly suited to being carried by slaves in a sedan chair. i cut them off to maximize the panorama of nature. once again, this blog is dangerously low on XY representation so i thought to exploit frank as a captive guest and trendsetter. no really. even before i realized the guy deficiency, i dug his kinda tribal/kinda tame sneak-asins.
The sole of a sneaker, the heart of a moccasin -- i zoomed the hell out of these bad boys so you could see the little tiny moca-fringe on otherwise gravel-gripping, rubber-ringed kicks. they're by a company called Generic Surplus. aren't they cute? emma 'n frank too.

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