Sunday, August 21, 2011

calling all child brides!

or katie mcg even though she is a committed shacker upper (she is on her way over here right now to kick my ass). twelve years old? no worries cuz this dress makes it all worthwhile. i got it at the salvation army in rockford, il and it has the tags still on it -- As seen in Bride & Home circa 1957 and Emma Domb of Caifornia, size 10!!!. i feel like someone got stood up and there may be a good story behind this frock, but there was also some yellowing and nastiness of the ages. can you effin believe it, i stuffed this vintage bridal dress right in the washing machine. but right before i possibly ruined it forever, i tried to wriggle into it, to see how it was supposed to look pre-ruination. not happening. couldn't get the zipper over the waist and ribcage region without removal of several ribs. which i was ready to do with a butter knife but i couldn't find a clean one. ick. really beautifully cut with the wide neckline hitting at the very tip of the shoulders. but whose boobs are that high? were mine ever up there? psyche! i've never had boobs. but the dress calls for some or at the least a very robust bra. things to note: excellent damask fabric which is apparently machine washable (after the wedding rave, wear that sucker to Cub), built-in crinoline to exfoliate your legs, nicely piped seams and hook-and-eyes all the way down the zipper so it won't gap under the 6000 PSI even a child bride would exert once she was drugged and stuffed into this very pretty dress.

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