Saturday, August 6, 2011

Glamorama minus the store-bought balloons and stripper shoes

Can i just say one thing before i upchuck my whole experience, in a manner of speaking? Ok two things. One is that there is a dear generous person named Marcy out there who gave me (gave, as in expected nothing in return) a ticket to Glamorama because she had an extra and i was too damn cheap to pony up. We know the real show is outside this dog fight but me and my butt crack-highlighted shorts had a real jolly time. She's super sorry now she enabled all this, but love ya Marcy, mmmmmwa.
Thing #2 is that porn star is still the standard for glamor in our fair cities. DDs, shiny and new and atomic, pressure packed into lycra-rich upholstery that ends within sight of the naughty bits, the whole do-me sideshow tottering around on stripper shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. i just see it as more of a day look -- walking the dog, loving your Cub, volunteering up at the grade school. bike riding. 
I've edited all that smarminess for you and present here the style standouts who were too slow to get away or polite to tell me to get lost.
Middle woman said it was hard to do glamor when you're going to be sitting down but she handled that conundrum. Her crew is adorable -- slit sleeves to the right, flower ring to the left, love!

 Mother-son Glam -- scrapbook this!

 Sole sistas rocking, from left, Betsey Johnson, vintage cowboy from Heartbreaker(?), Taryn Rose.

I saw a lot of mom/offspring Glamming it up. I'm trying to imagine my daughters going with me to Glamorama.                     also i think it would be really hard to get three free tickets.

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