Thursday, August 18, 2011

put together on Selby

I had to do some janky stuff with the photo because i couldn't remember whether the photographer was supposed to shoot into the sun, back to the sun, red sun in the morning... Let it be known that both subject and photographer should have been at work at this hour of the afternoon, so this bad stuff is merely karma that no amount of photographic skill could have overcome. 
Karma or no, one of us had it going on. I mean look at this -- checkerboard bag, cute origami folded dress, pointelle sweater and Seychelles retro semi-wedges (see below).  That's one, two...four things and her hair was combed. I'm assuming underwear, bringing us up to six things composed for this delightful look. 
See what i mean by checkerboard? Oh wait... see what i mean by semi-wedges? Count me a fan.
But seriously folks, how do people manage this? I know she works at_____(clothing store, sounds like apostrophe...some people lead productive lives after a small stroke and others have a blog....), so maybe she gets ideas there.  And i've heard having a job of any kind can be quite motivational in terms of getting dressed. 
in shocking contrast, i was careening around town on my bike in three items of attire (cannot count hair as it was not combed and looked like roadkill). the first 20 minutes of my ride were dangerous as i was distracted from such things as braking and oncoming vehicles by the feeling that my ass was hanging out.  and yet i'm sure i've biked in this very same jimi hendrix-inspired tunic before.... can' i had passed about 2,683 people including some sisters of carondolet and a road construction crew and was as far from home as possible it came to me -- last time i wore this with bike shorts underneath, like in third grade so i could do handstands. or what i called handstands.  still turning tricks, i guess. shit. well, one of my Big Three was underpants, big tall suckers. so relax sister.

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