Sunday, August 21, 2011

Caribou, pre-latte

Oh my gosh (lookit, i went to the trouble to write it out, don't you feel special), huge discovery!!! i had not yet had caffeine. i had not poured caffeine in my camera, therefore we (the hello kitty camera and i) saw the same thing! we were attracted to the shiny slave-girl sandals and the striped dress, although it strobed a little like nothing i've ever seen before-- holy toledo is that a topographic map or what?! if you move this post up and down real quick while looking at the dress, you'll hurl for sure! sick! but our eyes (lenses) were not open wide enough to capture the top of her head and her feet in one stare. this is revolutionary! cameras need caffeine too!
ok fuck it, i'm a hopeless photographer. she had this really cute graduated bob haircut. bob graduated with a BS (i slay myself).  but seriously folks, she was cute as the dickens at crying dark-thirty in the morning and i believe i may have intruded on a job interview in taking this photo. i like to discourage gainful employment when i can. anyhoo, she demonstrates a great deal of poise because she was stopped by a street style photographer when she was 18. years old. i gotta check her references because that whole secretary of state thing smells fishy...

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