Friday, March 16, 2012

Waste not, want a lot

Oooo, my rods and cones are doing a traditional west African dance here, shaking it like nobody's business. BUT FIRST, we're going to back track a little to talk truth about East Fourth Street and sustainable jewelry, as depicted above in the fantastic copper collar and cuff. I was off the mark, again, in saying Susan's materials were found. Here it is from a reliable source, Susan herself: "All of my metals -- sterling silver, 14kt gold, copper and aluminum -- are recycled or reclaimed and the stones are reused free-trade and ethically sourced or lab created.  The collar and cuff are made from reclaimed copper. Their patina is non-chemical and done through heat." You can find Susan's designs at Gallery 360, Cliche and Digs in Minneapolis, at the Northfield Arts Guild in Northfield, or at her studio by appointment -- cal 612-735-1712.

Now I haven't been able to get hold of Renalie Bailey, potentate of Wren Wear and creator of the swatch witchery above, and it's been a while since we spoke, so let's call this a post of creative nonfiction. Like A Million Little Pieces, on so many levels. As I recall, the dress was made from scraps of traditionally dyed and woven fabric made in a west African village, so as not to waste anything. The jewel-like collar of the dress is made of solar panels, cut in rectangles, with the sharp edges bound in leather.  While they're not actually functional, the solar panels speak to the green design mandate.  The collar reminds me a lot of this Burberry motif that I cannot upload but will plague you with the link,;slide=11;  See what I mean?

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