Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On with the show!

You didn't think I would go to the Carmen Marc Valvo show (which I will say many many times for effect and because I am enthralled by high fashion that also scores through the roof on crash safety tests) and only share the most base details, did you? Picturesque as my area blogger adventures are, I think you will enjoy the real article-- slinky models, gowns in their purest moment prior to being toned down, cheapened up and widened out for the likes of Mrs. Putin (the comrade in charge of Photoshop is now living it up in Siberia). No no, I have front row, nearly-slashed-by-the-models'-hipbones photos!! In the interest of keeping the show moving, I'll restrict my comments to monosyllables and little chardonnay burps. Setting the scene, below, of serpentine walkway, models and guests.  Glass block wall at upper left looks out on Times Square! A very important and over-caffeinated minion assistant requested that I kindly stay in my chair after this.
Absolute fave! No previous breasts required!
PETA nightmare!
 Woofer! Meeeeow!
The A train!

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