Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is not your grandmother's rubber jacket and lace-up leggings

Yah, granny could never handle long sleeves. She had to be able to push em up and stash a tissue in the sleeve and motorcycle inner tube rubber just doesn't scrunch up all that well. You heard me. It doesn't scrunch. 
Project Runway, nuthin. This wonder was designed and constructed at great personal sacrifice by local designer Jenn Bratvold and furniture maker Atom Pechman in answer to an Eco design competition. The category was nontraditional materials and their response was jacket and leggings of motorcycle inner tube rubber and dress of copper sheeting shined up with lemon juice.  As you would. They chose these materials because that's what was donated by local shops and friends. Can you imagine trying to be gracious about freebies like that? Thank you soooo much for the inner tubes. They're so nice and black. 
 I asked Jenn if it was difficult to work with these materials. "Oh, yes!  My finger tips were destroyed because a thimble only helps so much when trying to hand sew in a zipper!  Thank goodness Atom has an industrial sewing machine.  That's how we sewed the main seams of both garments. I think it could probably sew through plywood!" Even now, Jenn is thinking about plywood pants. But if you're one of those traditionalists who likes her clothing without hinges, just ask Jenn -- she will try to comply with your weirdo requests. No website as yet: Just let me know through this here blog and I'll hook you twos up.

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