Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ms. Alt is ready for her closeup

We're back in Lincoln Center friends, and I got a super shot of the back of this guy's head.  It took me a minute to identify the subject of this photo op -- it's Carol Alt, supermodel of the 1980s (which is why I recognized her). When I went looking for an image from that era, I found a post that listed her birth year as 1960. Any way you add that up, she's pretty... well, pretty. Even before I realized who this was, I was blown away by the extreme coat (strips of python? with fur) and long gloves. It was the gloves that did it for me -- full on commitment to Going Out. Very glamorous. When the photo op was over, her PA busted things up and they were gone.
Here's a Vogue cover shot of Carol Alt, circa 1981...

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