Thursday, March 15, 2012

sustainable means you'll never have to feel bad about that whole blood diamonds thing

I can hear the whining now -- we already saaaaaaw this picture.  Don't start with me because this time, not only can you identify that Bridgestone is the inner tube of choice for rubber clothing, but I want you to focus your awful bloodshot eyeballs on the hand hewn reclaimed copper cuff with brass screw.  It was made by sustainable jewelry designer Susan Crow, whose company, East Fourth Street, was invited to show at The Green Shows in NYC in conjunction with Fashion Week.  Susan and I were in NYC at the same time, living lightly on the Earth -- one of us intentionally, and one of us because I had to.
Perhaps you're scratching the old noggin and thinking sustainable jewelry? Wha? That is because so few of us hacked diamonds out of the dirt with a cocktail fork 20 hours/day when we were ten years old and were renumerated with a bag of cornmeal a week. That is not sustainable for the miner.  Fair trade gems, green mining practices -- these are terms you've never heard, right?  Because they don't exist! I just made em up right this second. No my friends, gem and precious metal mining, refinement and production are rife with human rights and ecological abuses. Wow, way to rain on your nuptial parade, huh? Not when you've got someone as smart as Susan to turn to. All of her super clean, strong designs are made from reclaimed (melted down), repurposed or found metals and stones. OK, I am going to be the first mofo to say Look at this friggin rock I found on someone else's finger! Not even. Susan's biz is totally legit. I mean, look how cute she is...
Here's her official statement -- “Previously good design employed function, great aesthetics and innovation, but now we are adding a fourth-- sustainability. This new reality is about designing smart by integrating sustainable thinking into jewelry design and the development processes from the very beginning.”See?

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