Thursday, January 3, 2013

newsbear cap

She says the vintage fuzzy bear was the best purchase she ever made, and I believe her, although it was the dapper newsboy cap, tilted down at a winter solstice angle, that urged me to execute a deft 32-point turn on the River Road.  

I have a vintage navy blue animal coat similar to the one above and common sense tells me... ok well, common sense tells me nuthin. Common sense and I are not on speaking terms.  It feels incredibly soft and pelt-like and while the labels don't say directly that it's made of lesser marmots, it does say "Professional dry clean by fur method." So I infurred (whoa there, on fiya) that my silky blue friend was not a cheap toupee made from millions of plastic threads glued to an underlayment of virgin polyethylstearabutylene, but rather a rare carpet made by plucking one downy tummy fur per day from the Tibetan oryx. Or it might be New Jersey rat dyed with that knock-off denim that's so popular on Canal Street.  Either way, it's one of the best purchases I've ever made too.

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