Sunday, January 20, 2013

when natural elements happen to good dresses

Remember the Florida sunshine orange Courreges shift of several posts ago?  This pat of butter silk from Bonwit Teller took the same cold water plunge but did not fare as well.  No matter, something had to be done about the 40 years of sloughed skin cells, bodily fluids and dressing from the watercress tea sandwiches this thing was harboring.  Ok, yes, I shrunk it. Happy?  And as of this photo, have not taken on the formidable task of pressing it after the bath. But the soul-enriching color and the under-the-arbor-at-the-countryclub low back remain as enchanting, and less toxic.  I know there will be naysaying, but even before I introduced it to an element of nature, anyone over the age of ten would have had to remove several ribs to get into this thing. Now the age limit is about 8 but, say, this 8-year-old is going to be the best dressed person at Chuck E Cheez by a long way. The only label other than Bonwit's is a small one that says Cameo New York.

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