Sunday, January 6, 2013

at the end, the hair dyes

Gave away the ending but the story, in uptown anyway, is selective dyeing and strong eyebrows.  This killer dye job was executed by Hair Police (wow, how long can I ride this violent riff? apparently about to here).  She's got some dreds tied in the purple mane too, and if you bug your eyeballs out with effort, you can sort of see an orange rose earring she scored on Etsy for, like $1.  More than anything, I thought about this last bit of information.  Did that include shipping? I would like to see this artisan's business plan.  What is the break-even point?  Is the creative satisfaction from gluing plastic roses to earring backs such that monetary reward is redundant?  Wait just a stupid reflective minute... People doing marginally creative things for zero monetary gain because they don't have computer skillz?  I think I can speak to that.

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