Wednesday, January 16, 2013

where have all the people gone?

As I wrote that headline up there,  my brain and eye bags and perhaps my liver were occupied by Pete Seeger, and while I meant to intimate that it's rock bottom Ugg-tastic winter and no one is venturing out of their underground bunker, thus the body-less presentation above, Pete felt like busting out with his 1955 folk classic Where Have All The Flowers Gone.  Oh snap, we made a photo joke.  See, because there are flowers...

You cannot believe how this ensemble, scrounged on various trips to Goodwill on University, delights me.  The happy navy and yellow flowers of mind-blowing proportion -- man that is good stuff.  The long skirt was made in France for I Magnin and is a delicious silk/cotton. The closeup photo is meant to give you a fighting chance to see the covered buttons up the front of the skirt. If you have every wondered how to disguise buttons, here is your answer. The cotton coat has only one label that says Melody Thomas Scott. I looked this up and found that Melody Thomas Scott is an American actress best known for playing Nikki on The Young and The Restless. I...I...I'm confused. Do I now have the coat of daytime TV star?  More importantly, did she emblazon her clothing with her name because she was senile and living in an assisted living home where other old ladies sometimes pinch her stuff?  What was that Pete?  Melody Thomas Scott, long time paaaaassing.

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