Tuesday, January 8, 2013

this is one of those year round bikers

At first of course, I was just going to use this soapbox for public humiliation and to provide a real clear target next time you're bombing around in your big-ass 1995 Villager van after a snowstorm, but then he parked his bike so you can't see the make and model I really dug the comprehensively denim look with pop top of orange.  He says he wears a lot of denim and if you strain your eyeballs, you can see a denim shirt under the denim Vans jacket. Socks? Denim. Underpants? Denim. Facial hair? Denim.  Jeans?  Duh, those are NOT denim. Those are special biking jeans by Cadence, http://www.cadenceclothing.net/,  that are reinforced with titanium, and diamonds, and have an inner water resistant coating. And they have turn signals on the ass and beep when you back up.  See those manly work boots?  He did not activate the auto-kick function on them, for which I am very grateful.

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