Monday, December 17, 2012

two views of Jeffrey

 Above is pixelated Jeffrey which is user error an expression of my relationship with the artificial lighting of the Institute of Art.  Or perhaps an imprint of the very strong aura of the Buddha that was behind me.  Anyhoo, I turned to Photoshop for enlightenment, as you would.  Pixelated Jeffrey is friendly, approachable, perhaps a Capricorn, has what appears to be skin.

This is badass Jeffrey rocking the beanie, the whistle-on-a-chain, a Mr. Rogers gets a loft in Williamsburg cardigan,  rolled jeans and boots that automatically walk to Andrew Bird concerts (computer chip in the hand-stitching, available on Etsy) like homing pigeons.  Bird, pigeon... Ok, moving on. 
Badass Jeffrey is an emo action figure, made of life-like plastic, gonna come over and chill wit u, maybe make some sushi and Mraz it up.  Nah I'm joshing but on a completely related artistic note,  don't you find it complex and mind-bending that the Institute's lighting makes marble and wood look like real skin and real skin look like it was made by Mattel?  Say Dude if so.

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