Saturday, December 8, 2012

community organizer

Love the suave double-breasted jacket which is handmade, not with pixels as it appears here due to injudicious use of Photoshop, but with stitches all around the lapels. I suddenly wanted to write All around the mulberry bush, but that's just me.  Also the contrast of the cosmopolitan blazer and the jeans tucked into whoop-ass boots is nice and ironic.
Here's where I explain (always a lot of explaining to do) why I labeled this post community organizer:  Gia (spelling is conceptual, like the art) took a break from the third grade to organize the Vote No campaign and dang if he didn't do a great job of it.  The brilliance of the Vote No message became clear to my addled self in the voting booth where I read the statement, the gray cells seized up, my eyeballs rolled around independent of each other and I couldn't parse out whether I was voting for being against families of united people or yes I don't want to restrict marriage or no I do want ... ice cream.  But then I thought about the cute Mini I saw driving around covered with huge letters that said Vote No in blue and orange, the school colors of Macalester College, and I like Minis and blue and orange so I voted no.  No, people like me should be restricted to only this world.

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