Sunday, December 2, 2012

black Saturday

Unlike Black Friday when you wear a firearm in your sweatpants that say PINK in letters that span the curvature of the ass earth and jump up and down with each rolling stride in the most animated way,  black Saturday is when you get yourself over to the Bibelot and huff Thymes bath products until $209.99 seems like a damn good deal for salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a typewriter or mold or some such.  
Oh man, I'm just bitter because some other J Jill-wearing gangsta got the last retro pink eraser shaped like an eraser for $703.99 (in classic leather pouch) by saying, "Is that Louise Erdrich over there by the ironic Mary-shaped ice cube trays?"  Oldest trick in the book.
I digress. 
Laurie (saurie, I forgot to ask about spelling because I'm a hopeless journalist) is dressed to kick ass and take names as a Bibelot employee in ways with black that make you think,  This outfit is galvanizing neurons and making me think of blackness in a whole new and exciting way. I'm seeing seams at dynamic angles and gathers where I never have before. Or is that the soy-based mud puppy-scented candle talking?! (who remembers mud puppies, raise your hand).  Ok, I'll holler out the stuff I love about Lori's look and every time you find it in the photo, chug some Hot Flash Tea.  Ready, go!
Grandfather watch on a rope
Double layer artful dodger gloves
Comfy dress w/Demeulemeester leanings
Large print polka dots 
Blue blue eyes for contrast
Soft nappy wool jacket with one big button
Polka dot neoprene handbag that's good to 4,000'
Busted!  The neoprene bag is not in this shot. Take another hit of tea.

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