Thursday, December 13, 2012

it's come to this

 The lay down.  Which is different from the throw down.  Unable to find any pedestrians tottering through the snow in angry Bottega Veneta pumps or indeed anything that did not look like a gigantic tuber, I've resorted to showing you stuff I found at thrift stores.  That's pretty interesting, right?  Example A, above and below, came from the Quincy Street Sallie Army in Brooklyn.  This is hands-down the most beautiful Middle Eastern swimsuit I've ever seen.  I slay myself.  Note the gathering and the self-fabric seam covering under the arm.  This excites me, it's strong stuff, and I can only imagine it sent many a Middle Eastern blood pressure skyrocketing too.  I find tunics and crazy big pumpkin pants all the time in the course of the rag picking biz -- they all look like they were cut out by the Grinch and assembled by a springer spaniel.  Gorgeous and well-made with great attention to detail are not features of the tunic trade.  This is the lone exception.
I loved that intricate floral pattern so so much and then it started looking reeeeeeeaal familiar.  The above rectangle of botanical beauty is by Arts and Crafts kingpin William Morris.  A pattern emerges. (You've been great, tell your friends about it, I'll be here all week). Morris et al have been enjoying the hookah a bit too much but then again, that is a feature of the Arts and Splifs trade.

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