Saturday, December 1, 2012

Honey-Mustard dressing

Lookout because there's gonna be missed metaphors tossed around like a hot tomato and I'm going to make this Honey-Mustard thing work come hell or high collars.  And it'll  be so much more horrible enjoyable if I explain it: The coat on the right might be Honey-colored if the bees had drunk from the nectar of the black flowers on the belt and the cute duffel coat on the left is Plochmann's Mustard (Plochmann's because I went to high school with Heidi Plochmann, the mustard heiress).  Honey-Mustard, H&M (provenance of boat coats) and Honey-Mustard dressing because that's what you put on a pair (of friends) salad. 

I'm looking down now, not because I pulled a metaphor stretching that idea, not becauz I'm deeply ashamed from a career perspective, but becuz I likes their shoes too.

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