Sunday, December 9, 2012

potatoes n lightbulbs

I could have labeled this fifty shades of grey but that would have been misleading. There's like five or six at most. I especially like the can-do optimism of the white woven shoes putting on brave socks and heading out in December. She went to college where she majored in Textural Gradations and Scout's Honor Hair. 
I want to know the creative genius who decided to make wallpaper of blue sky blue with ultra realistic roots n bulbs in regimental formation.  It makes me very happy.  Actually the sprite and the wallpaper together were like a ray of sunshine, but less trite, in stark contrast to the other exhibits at the Walker that represented all the emotions from ugly to horrifying to creepy.  I went home, had a stiff drink and a good shower and looked at our photo albums where we have surprisingly few photos of pubic hair glued to a piece of stained linoleum and nailed to a mutilated doll.  Our mutilated dolls had eyeballs that were twisted and closed left to right instead of up and down which is sort of endearing.

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