Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial 'Dos

 So I spent my Memorial Day at Savers on Lake Street, where these coiffed women were also enjoying 50% off all clothes, which we can all agree, is the only time to shop at Savers now that their prices are uppity. I just love the way this woman contrasted not only the color but the texture. Did it all herself, and she's not a stylist or anything. She was real humble and was like, it was nothing, but trust me, the idea is Something and the execution is Something Else Again. I also like all the color. In sharp contrast to...

 all-in-black Ayanna. Hers really is a memorial 'do as she's had the dreds since her father died 11 years ago. I liked the black lace scarf which, she told me, helps protect the roots from the weight of the dreds. I think she is super beautiful. She also found a fantastic Betsey Johnson lace dress and let me have it without even carrying it around for a while. Beautiful and nice. And the artist/photographer behind Waning Moon Digital Images. We did a card exchange. She was classing up Savers like nobody's business.

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ruffhog said...

Wow! Two really beautiful ladies -- love their hair