Thursday, June 2, 2011

Biking broken, St. Paul

So, I was in no mood, a little fragile, my friends, because fucking Everyday People on Selby had seen nothing amongst the tiny red velvet stretch underpants, weirdo violet dress that was featured in this here blog a month or so ago and pieced suede skirt that they could sell in their bedbug hotel-of-a-shop. This ruins the finely tuned dynamics of my wardrobe. Fine. 
But things brightened up considerably when i spotted this woman biking in striped top and skirt. You know i can't resist stripes, and these are vertical! Better! So i did a bike-on-bike ambush and was so glad of it because it just kept getting better. Broken arm ("drunk, rolling down a hill"), orange feathers in her hair, grunge boots, fanny pack with pipe loops and a DIY tiger applique on her shoulder. Also National Geographics in her milk crate. Kinda angry, though not at me, and provocatively honest -- can you say Portlandia? For someone who could give a shit about fashion, she's working it.

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