Monday, June 27, 2011

Midwest Mohawk Symposium

Uhoh photographic blooper.  Or is it (insert one arched eyebrow)?  The streetlight is like a lamp finial. Must speak to city of St. Paul about punker streetlights, possibly shaped like body parts.
At the corner of 4th and Punk downtown St. Paul, I ran across these sick sistaz waiting for the Midwest Mohawk Hootenany to get underway. Their money was on the 'hawk above, and so is mine. It was achieved with hair dye and significant amounts of spray, but as we all know, god is in the details. Like the leopard print on the sides of her head, printed with the end of a celery stick dipped in dye. Duh. 'Member my Memorial 'do post? No? Scroll back for reference, but that woman had also very specifically dyed her bangs red. So two people -- it's probably a trend.  I took the closeup above so hopefully you can see that she carried through the yellow and orange tiger colors on her eyes. The extra-cancer Camels and the razor blade necklace are sweet additions. Subtly is not in the punk lexicon.

The badass on the right had some tight tats and is rocking the Wayfarers, red lips and bi-color 'do. The twins in the middle -- mercy.

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