Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Apple Valley H.S. teacher!

From the U, i pedaled on over to the Lake Street Savers and helped this Apple Valley teacher celebrate her birthday by totally getting in her business -- Happy Birthday! i don't know how you survive even one hour in Apple Valley because you are wearing fishnet anklets, sassy maryjanes, a naughty leopard slip and a tat on your chestal region, but whatever, bless your wild soul for introducing those Limited Kids to limitless style! Damn i knew this wouldn't show up, but if you click on the photo and get all creepy and close, you can see the corn rows that her students did for her "dance-like" performance at Bryant Lake Bowl. like that's bad. i've done some dance-like performances at weddings and shit and people paid me a dollar to sit down. while you're looking at her pores and whatnot, note the feather talisman in her hair that i think she said she got at a church sale. isn't that the way?

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