Friday, May 27, 2011

Slipper Genie!

 Attention hardwood mofos! Hold onto your holy socks because your world is about to be rocked. I ran across these marvels at Walmart as I was buying Borax -- Slipper Genies. Delightful, green, versatile, with velcro detachable chenille mop-bottoms that are machine washable. Slip em on and they do the work for you! What would you pay for mind-blowing wonderment like this? $100? A million$? How about five dollares? I had these fuckers in the cart like that. See below, my dog Rascal checking out the dust-grabbing chenille soles at close range. 
 Almost as enjoyable as the slippers themselves is the copy on the packaging. Exercise care when using this product-- can be slippery. Do not slide or run. Slipper Genie cleaning slippers are not a toy. Do not use if your balance is not stable. I did not exercise care. I exercised carelessly. I worked up an excellent routine to Michael Jackson's "Bad."  They fit femmes tailles 36.5 a 40.5. I've never been more delighted with a product.

 I'm also delighted with my yard and the flowers and the birch tree. See how the Slipper Genies blend in? There is every chance I will hurt myself wearing these things.

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