Friday, May 13, 2011


That's right gangstas, I've been momming it up in the Big Apple. As usual, street style was full-on, thick and fast, so what you see here was the tiny portion I was able to capture when my hands were not occupied with metro card, map and bag of Nutz for Nutz.
 I walked behind/stalked this entourage in mid-town just moments after arriving.  They were all thin, very stylish (note: military jacket with leather pants and leopard Tods, Sonny Bono vest on the child) and speaking Russian. Obviously Moscow mobster's family. Or off-duty models. I was only a little bit afraid the guy on the left would beat me up and stomp on my camera.

 Very casual, really and truly effortless, but it would be a cold day in May before you'd see something like this in the Twin Cities. Wait a minute....

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