Saturday, May 21, 2011

Victoria & Grand, St. Paul

 It's not often one finds a whole group of people in which each member pulls their own weight sartorially, but bing bang, here they are. The woman on the left's inspiration is street style poster woman/camera whore Kate Lamphear.  Don't get me wrong -- I should be that whorish. Wait, I am...Or that attractive. The woman in the middle got this wonderful STRIPED (absolutely seminal to me, bonus for how many times I've photographed stripes in the past two months) linen shift at Grethen House. I think. The woman on the right got her summery white maxi dress in Brazil. Which would be easy if you were from Brazil, as she and the middle fraulein are. No idea why they were standingsmoking with Kate Lamphear. is the real Kate Lamphear, who is trying to look like the woman in St. Paul, and doing pretty well.  Note the heavily embellished wrists above and abover.

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