Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art in Bloom, Mpls Institute of Art

Just a word or ten in edgewise before i start in with the blinking photos -- i have never been to the Institute's Art in Bloom and i made the scene today purely by accident, and what a happy accident it was. The concept is that floral designers design fleurs (and sometimes trees and stuff in the wider botanical family) using a piece of art as inspiration. There were crazy beautiful, and in the case of lilies, aromatic, arrangements all over the place -- must have been more than 200. Not only did it exercise my rusty creativity, it made me start seeing art (which is not at all like seeing dead people or motorcycles) and it attracted a rich rich source of people who are fluent in clothes. You'll see what i mean.
 Mom and daughter -- surprise! Not only do they look alike, their sweaters are in the same color palette with the same parallel lines in the front worn with jeans. (i edited out that comment since it made zero sense). One of these women is not like the other though because she's wearing a cool mixed chain lariat necklace. 

 What you can see is that the coat is red and the boots are high which is all my-T-fine. What you can't see is that the coat is doublebreasted, gathered in the back and has lantern sleeves. It's not as good when i just tell you, is it?

 Where to start... the whole feathered hat feathered hair that speaks to me of bird of paradise is detailed below, see? That's a pancake pin on her menswear vest, nubby sweater, tribal skirt which is the new way of saying ethnic skirt and Tintin (Belgique comic character) socks. 

In profile like this, doesn't she just look like a Vermeer portrait? Woman in feathered hat. Maybe i've had too much art for one day.

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