Saturday, November 10, 2012

the requisite view-from-behind photo

At first glance this would appear to be someone on her way to work on Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.  And it is.  Ok, the tiniest bit anticlimactic but I always try to take one on-the-fly photo in NYC and the factors (there were factors) that urged me to put the piece of pizza back in my purse and exchange it for a camera were: bouncy curly hair, crossbody bag, nice proportion between the 3/4 length coat and flat shoes and particularly, the spectators.  Which you must imagine based on the snazzy two-tone heel.  See how her coat and tights look like the asphalt, utterly lacking in detailThey were in fact formless blobs of blackish grey. They most certainly did not when I saw them with my own watering-from-cold eyeballs.  She was walking really fast and I was losing ground, thus was forced to zoom the living daylights out of the picture. Note to Santa: I have been very bad. Please bring me some proper stalking equipment, preferably one of those fancy new pizza-proof lenses.

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