Saturday, November 24, 2012

hot helmut

If this isn't the coolest way to survive the kind of cold like banging your frozen shins on cold steel, pain rattling up cubes of vertebrae along an exposed nerve, a dry cold, an abattoir -- I'm just not acclimated, that's all -- then I don't know squat.  Hush already.  Black and spare, the coat expresses the philosophy of our favorite Austrian, the Von Trapps  Helmut Lang.  The little envelope bag provides some levity because it's by Catherine Malandrino, the Betsey Johnson of designers who use black.  The final piece of armor in the Specter of Winter are some corner-lovin Frye harness boots.  This look eats nails for breakfast, AND YET...

 how cute is she?  This is Jennifer, a Healthy Hair Care Specialist.  She made that dimple herself, and also the kindergarten bangs, which is how you get rid of really long dreds.  Put on a nose ring, tie in some chick yellow, tuck your face in and go.
She's the main man at Hair.e.tic Salon,, and member in good standing of the witness protection program. Oops.

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