Sunday, November 11, 2012

I do not mind my own business

Lookit, a New Yorker standing still!  We're waiting for the free shuttle to Manhattan as the subways were still (12 hours after the storm) not working.  It took MTA a little while to get Moses on the job but dang I was super impressed with his efficiency.  Word from the inside is that the East River was a cinch compared to the Red Sea,  more of a butter knife operation what with the viscosity and all.  Being an infidel, I worried about which side of the Jew/Pharoah's army conflict I might fall. When the trains started running, I thought about this as we went real slow under the East River. I may have said Sholom and Oy vey several times.
I digress.
I thought to use my waiting on line time wisely by getting up in other's business! Hurray! If there's anything that riles me up it's a turban.  And when it's a turban on the very tippy top of a real male model-y bean swaddled in pumpkin colored outerwear (which I cranked up to make my point) and nice kicks, well,  predictably, I babbled and took a couple pictures without turning on the camera.  As you would.  This nice young man was apparently unarmed is an artist in training at Cooper Union.

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