Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hooti Couture

Meet Alison, proprietor of Hooti Couture on Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, answering the oft-asked question of what to wear when biking to work. It was asked a lot ofter those days when the subways were not functioning.  A helmet goes without saying, this one channeling a foot soldier circa 1851 with plenty of room up top to keep your hair or a calzone and knitted earflaps so parts don't fall off in the cold.  Feathered fetlocks excite me and caused me to lurch forward and raise my camera.  I don't really think Alison has over-exfoliated her thoracic region -- there was this post-apocalyptic glare of sun burning through the ozone.  If this photo is examined by a qualified physician, you won't have to get that chest x-ray after all Alison.
Hooti Couture's motto is Vintage For Everyone and there is stacks of good stuff, so everyone (and you know who you are) should get on down and claim their knitted knickers or tulle sportcoat.

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