Tuesday, November 13, 2012

L.A.M.B. at the farmer's market

Ok, we're going to learn things and it won't even be fun painful. Her voluminous clan of the kale seekers cloak has stacks of swagger and an acronym -- L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. According to  know-it-alls on the internets, L.A.M.B. stands for Love Angel Music Baby which makes sense if you are drunk Gwen Stefani. No one has thought to ask Her Platinum-ness but rumors are that she had a dog named Lamb as a child or that her Harajuku friends were named Love, Angel, Music and Baby.  These are obviously the natterings of kitty litter huffers.

With all my connections in the pop music industry, I have it on good authority that Ms. Stefani started out with her core values -- Loins Are My Business.  Later a retail consultant insisted that, in consumer parlance, no one would be able to read it unless it was spelled correctly as Loins R My Business.  Rushed for time, Stefani just read off the list of stuff she was going to pick up at Target  -- love, angel, music, baby.  Baby was first on the list but BLAM? Ridiculous! 

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